Professional photographer Stephen Frink enjoying a day at the office

Stephen Frink Collection

The Stephen Frink Collection is a stock photo agency with file content primarily comprised of underwater and tropical marine images. Owner Stephen Frink has been archiving and marketing the very best in underwater photography since 1984, and the Collection represents his images, as well as images by other world-renown marine photographers.The photo research staff are all experienced scuba divers. This is significant in that it assures our clients that images requested from a specific ocean or locale will be an accurate representation of the destination of choice. The staff's experience in marine biology is also a crucial advantage in that it can assure that the proper species or behaviors are chosen to illustrate the more scientific requests. Our photographers are continually on the road, capturing the "other 7/8ths" of our Planet in a new and different light. While other photo archives may offer a representation of underwater photography, the Stephen Frink Collection is totally immersed.